Social change is simply change that goes on in our communities between us and the people we see every day, our conversations and activities. Art helps promote social change because it shapes artists into the people they are.
— Urbano Student

Key highlights from our first eight years of work: 
50 community partnerships
1200 Boston Public Schools youth served
150 collaborations with artists
30,000+ audience participants at community events

Urbano creates a stage for cutting-edge artworks.

Urbano’s work exemplifies the concept of Creative Placemaking, what has been described as “an evolving field of practice that intentionally leverages the power of the arts, culture and creativity to serve a community’s interest while driving a broader agenda for change, growth and transformation in a way that also builds character and quality of place.” Over 3,000 community members attend events and participate in public artworks annually at Urbano. Opportunities for community participation range from panel conversations about community issues, to traveling art exhibitions, to community gatherings. In the past year, Urbano has engaged diverse groups of community members in artistic dialogue around critical issues of our time, including immigration, gentrification, and stereotypes portrayed in mass media.

80% of Urbano Alumni are still in contact with Teaching Artists

Urbano helps young people to be life-ready

Young people participating in Urbano’s youth programs with professional artists develop capacities in creative self-expression, artistic mastery, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Teens and young adults gain access to work opportunities and mentorship at Urbano, producing community art events and learning skills like project planning, problem-solving, and perseverance—capacities that have been shown to help young people be ready for college and career opportunities. In-depth engagement with studio practice and exposure to high-quality works of art also help young people learn to observe closely, reflect, and envision new possibilities—practices that will help them in school, in life, and elsewhere far outside the art studio. 

100% of Urbano Alumni have graduated High School or obtained a GED

100% of Urbano Alumni have attended or are attending College or a Private University since participating in Urbano

Urbano catalyzes social change through art.

Urbano's creative placemaking leverages the power of art, culture and creativity to bring change, growth and transformation in communities. Each year, 3,000 residents attend art events that invite them to participate in conversations about critical issues affecting their lives, such as immigration, gentrification, and stereotypes portrayed in mass media that perpetuate social injustice. 

90% of Urbano Alumni are still in contact with other students they met through Urbano

I believe the community can start to form even more programs like Urbano and over time change the city of Boston through young artists.
— Urbano Student