Urbano’s community is made up of artists of all ages engaged in dialogue with their audience through participatory works of art and performance. Urbano’s corps of youth artists learn to make connections between creative thinking, self discovery, and citizenship. Our goal is to promote civic engagement through works of art that address the major issues of our times.

Artists in Residence

Our Artists in Residence have spent time at the Urbano Project teaching classes, facilitating workshops, and presenting their own work in our gallery space. Our team at Urbano has handpicked individuals to fill this position as we bring local youth and professional artists together to ignite social change through place-based artmaking.

Youth Projects

Each semester there is a program dedicated to working with Youth Artists in creating exhibition art work. This class will be lead by the Artist in Residence or another professional practicing artist. Classes focus on one style of art, to give youth artists the chance to explore different types of art over time.


Apprentices have each been involved with Urbano for at least five years and have transitioned through the program from Youth Artist to Fellow and now Apprentice. This role engages these artists in the inner workings of Urbano as they work alongside fellow staff to learn more about their own personal interests such as digital, media, installation, and programmatic roles.


Urbano’s Artist in Residence introduces cohorts of 10-15 teen artists to art-making related to his or her current exhibition. Workshops are stand-alone, 4-hour events typically lasting 1 - 3 days.