Youth Artists Apply for 2016 Fall Projects!


Create an art project with peers and receive a stipend for your work!

Fall applications are now open! We will continue exploring our theme “The Commons | The Other” with two projects utilizing poetry, sculpture, and movement.

Our teaching artists have designed classes modeled after college-level curricula.

All high school students ages 14-19 are encouraged to apply!
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PROJECT AThe Imagined City: Exploring Prescribed Identity Through Movement and Performance
Teaching Artist: Mary Teuscher
Class times: Mondays & Wednesdays, 3:30-6:30pm

How do social walls prevent different communities from knowing one another as individuals? How is the performance of identity both choreographed and innate? Which identities are prescribed by society and which identities are a choice? This project will employ the mediums of dance, choreography, creative writing and performance art to explore collective notions of “the other” in the Egleston and Jackson Square communities. We will curate a performance to be presented in the style of promenade theater. Not quite a parade, not quite a formal stage performance, this style is intrinsically place based and invites more audience participation than a traditional proscenium stage setting.

PROJECT BIntersections: Examining Urban Displacement Through Word and Action
Teaching Artist: Sara Rivera
Class times: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 3:30-6:30pm

“Intersections” is a public art project that aims to open a portal for change. In her recent practice, Sara Rivera has been documenting and researching Boston construction zones, particularly contentious high-rises, in an attempt to understand some of Boston’s changing social demographics. This project builds on that process; Urbano youth artists will reflect on urban displacement as a type of upheaval affecting Egleston today, and will address how the process of gentrification gradually “others” people within their own communities. This project will utilize collaborative poetry and mobile, modular sculpture in site-specific performance and intervention.