Kendall Square Intervention

"Kendall Square… the site of our third public intervention with our civic sculpture or our first with this second iteration (Nomadic Home/Hogar Nómada). I woke up at 7:30am-ish I think. That’s the earliest that I’ve woken up since I dropped out of school early this year as the Spring semester started. The skies were grey(gray[?]), water droplets came down from the roof of my house and smacked down on my AC creating a consistent thud. It’s 7:53am and I slacked what we were all thinking that morning. A couple minutes prior, an Urbano veteran who goes by the codename Fizzle Faizal texted me something like “Yo Salvador is tweaking bro, this ain’t outdoor public intervention weather” and I was like “I’m hip.” So @7:53am I slacked #urbano-fellows “I feel like this is really bad weather to do this in y'all.” But there is a reason why Salvador was chosen to lead us Fellows. And that reason can be found in his response. @8:03am he said “I agree it's bad weather so let's wear our rain coats and bundle up properly! Let's make the best out of this guys, we already have the truck and have everything ready to go.This  can be as successful as we want it to be.” There was no turning back."

Anthony Peña
Urbano Fellow