2018 Summer Workshops


Home: A Film Screening

Friday, August 17th at 5 PM



Teaching Artist: Darren Alexander Cole

This will be a contemporary motion picture digital workshop. Students work with resident filmmaker to make a short narrative video about resilience & sustainability. 

This will involve using digital cameras and other advanced filmmaking technologies. 

Youth will learn the basics of different capture devices, different techniques for how to edit video, and simple ways to problem solve learning curves that are presented by new technology. Students that choose to participate in the class will have the opportunity to finish the workshop with new works to show and share with the world. 

This class requires no previous background or knowledge of how to use the equipment or technology, just a desire to learn and the ability to speak freely about their ideas of what they want to learn with a group of fellow artists. 


Music Production

Teaching Artist:  Alexander Barsov

Students will make music for the film produced by the previous workshop. They will be exposed to the practice of providing original music (out of nothing) for a film,  and they will think creatively and critically about the nuanced task of adding emotional color to whatever is the content of the film. 

Youth will learn the elements of music: melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre; as well as how music is written on paper. Fundamentals of Logic Pro software will also be taught in the workshop.

The goal is for the youth to compose the music for the film using the skills they learned.