Jason Henry Simon-Bierenbaum

Margarita Muniz Academy

Jason Henry Simon-Bierenbaum's life changed in 6th grade when he first met punk rock and heard art that was singing what he was thinking. His life changed again in 10th grade when his mom brought him to his first performance poetry open mic and he came across the perfect genre for him to speak in.  Outspoken, eager to explore, creative, and constantly looking for ways to bring art into the world, Jason took that night in and never looked back.

He believes art should not be safe.  The risks and surprise paths we take in our art and lives can open us up to the most interesting possibilities.  This is part of the reason he enjoys teaching, as it constantly forces him to see things from new perspectives and expand his understanding.  Jason has written a manuscript of poems, Demons Around the Fire, and performeds his original one-person show, Prometheus in the Flesh, which explores the ancient myth through a series of modern archetypes, to shed light on the world around us.  He has been a member of five poetry slam teams, a coach of six, and has taught all ages from preschool to senior citizens.  This fall he will travel to colleges and poetry venues throughout the country as one half of The Shabbatical Tour.