Stephanie is a writer, artist, and theatre-maker with a lifelong passion for exchanging knowledge that’s led her on adventures across the globe. She was born and raised in Wisconsin with a Great Lake to the east, an industrial city to the north, a metropolis to the south, and the countryside to the west. For the past five years she has located her artistic home in Boston, where she earned a Master of Fine Arts and learned to run. Here is an extensive and non-exhaustive list of interests: literature, fantasy, science fiction, Tolkien, theatre, absurdism, feminism, costumes and cosplay, surrealism, writing, travel, teaching, nonwestern and postcolonial narratives, nature, French, Spanish, Quenya, translation, intersectionality, history, German, painting, drawing, poetry, embroidery, cooking, baking, body positivity, Irish culture, alphabetizing, color coding, list-making, goal-setting, miscellaneous organizing, running, yoga, Dungeons and Dragons, active listening, self care, cats.

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Square Specific Theater