Egleston Winter Festival Projects

During the Fall Season, the Fellows split into two teams. One worked on the experimentation and installation of a light-based project alongside artist Ross Miller while the other team worked on the development and creation of a mural as part of an initiative along Boylston Street with Artists Ximena Izquierdo Ugaz and Tatiana Charlot.

Mural Team


The Mural Team began in the summer of 2015, by collectively creating a call for artists. After receiving submissions, the team became a panel to select the idea mural concepts. We reached a unanimous decision with community representatives; two murals were approved with the Urbano Project providing its own mural. This Fall semester, the Mural Team researched Egleston Square with the intent to create a mural that not only reflected the neighborhood, but held deeper significance both on an individual and on a communal level. During the development process, we employed a multi-media approach to create our envisioned mural, including painting, printmaking and wheat pasting. We focused on the themes of generations, family, faith, language, culture and the figure Virgen de Guadalupe. Our concept was to depict a motherly figure with three children of different ages in a familiar setting, taking established concepts and depicting them with a modern interpretation. With the help of local families as the models, hours of diligent and challenging work as well as weeks of preparation, the Mural Team created a final product that will have a lifetime of importance and greatness within a community that, in and of itself, has lifetimes worth of importance and greatness. This initiative was made possible by collaboration with Egleston Square Main Streets and support from the JPNP and the Boston Beer Company. 


Light Team

The Light Team worked to explore ways of using light as sculpture. For the final project, the Light Team drew inspiration from the Dominican model of arches; that are done every year for Christmas. As a group, they threw ideas and decided that the arches was the most fitting. In addition, the Light Team did all the preparations together as they strived to bring light and cheer to the Egleston Square Peace Garden for Christmas. With guidance from Ross and Luis Cotto from Egleston Square Main Streets, they were able to have the right materials to accomplish this project for the Egleston Winter Festival.