Mapping Exclusion

Neil Horsky

Urbano teen artists partnered with lead artist Neil Horsky and two local social justice organizations: City Life/Vida Urbana and the Design Studio for Social Intervention.

The group collaboratively created two mapping products that challenge exclusion and promote inclusion through data visualization and research: Mapping Transformation illustrates how City Life, in response to the housing crisis, is working with and supporting local residents threatened with foreclosure and eviction, and building a grassroots movement against banks.

Mapping Turf provides the Design Studio for Social Intervention and the Upham’s Corner community with a series of maps that reveal tensions between freedoms and constraints, and assets and detriments in the built environment, in order to help determine where and how citizens may become more engaged and influential in planning their neighborhood.

Neil Horsky   is a community artist and educator based in Boston.

Neil Horsky is a community artist and educator based in Boston.