DeAnna Pellecchia

DeAnna Pellecchia is a dancer, athlete, aerialist, actress, and choreographer committed to collaboratively creating multi-sensory works of live art. She creates performance pieces that seamlessly blur lines of integration between the disciplines of dance, martial arts, visual art, theater, music, and film. Her mission is to expand the appreciation of dance by presenting quality performances in non-traditional venues. By engaging audiences of all kinds in site-specific, public spaces, she aspires to make "contemporary dance" accessible to the masses. In the process of achieving this goal, she has danced with horses, in trees, on stilts, under water and through air.

DeAnna holds a BA in Dance/Performance from Roger Williams University. She has been featured in rodeos, operas, plays, fashion shows, magazines, movies and music videos. She has performed throughout the US in countless unconventional landscapes including horse arenas, convention centers, office buildings, shopping malls, churches, museums, sidewalks, parking lots, lounges, and night clubs, as well as theaters of all shapes and sizes. 

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