July 28, 2016 - September 9, 2016


Cole’s solo exhibition featured an interactive multi-media installation (projection, sound, and video) to explore issues of community transparency in the context of Boston’s Egleston Square. Who is my neighbor? interacted with the neighborhood’s relationship to public space, light, and sound, to connect place, community awareness, and a moment in time. Driven by Cole’e belief that communities can grow when important matters are transparent, his installation enabled viewers to see themselves in terms of common interests and constructive dialogues.

Cole’s show, the second in a new series of Urbano exhibitions, is curated in support of Urbano’s creative theme, The Commons|The Other. Urbano’s artists, staff, and youth work with community members to address themes of racial, ethnic, cultural, and urban identity and representation embedded within our communities. The goal of Urbano’s place-based projects, including its exhibitions, is to develop social/creative laboratories to increase inter-group understanding, tolerance, and civic culture in the city of Boston.