civic nomadic sculpture

Lead Artist: Salvador Jiménez-Flores

The Urbano Fellows, in collaboration with lead artist Salvador Jiménez-Flores developed an interactive, multi-purpose, movable sculpture. We agreed to title the piece “¿Cuándo y Dónde?”, or “when and where” in reference to it’s mobility and potentiality. This wood sculpture was designed to be easily modified and reflect the Urbano Gallery space in its white surface that resembles canvas. This multi-purpose sculpture would engage the community through performance, social interventions and youth-led workshops.

Along side this sculpture, the first project that directly explores our themes is a Paper-Mache piñata in the shape of an assault rifle. The idea behind the shape is to address and make a statement against the the use of assault weapons within public safety and law enforcement. Both candy and community resources are placed within the piece, to preserve the collective concept of a piñata. Through a familiar and enjoyable action, this project aims to further unify the community to take action against the use of assault weapons.