Social change is simply change that goes on in our communities between us and the people we see every day, our conversations and activities. Art helps promote social change because it shapes artists into the people they are.
— Urbano Student

Urbano’s core programs, Artists’ Projects and Urbano Fellows, support over 100 Boston Public School students and recent graduates yearly to become civically-engaged artists and leaders for an equitable new Boston.

Urbano teen artists want to make social change through art and face challenges such as structural racism and a lack of access to equivalent opportunities. All students earn paychecks while building skills and competencies critical for college and workforce success.

In sessions modeled on college seminars, youth meet with professional artists to collaborate on interdisciplinary art projects through studio work, discussions, site visits, and public space interventions. They conduct interviews and research in their communities, finding the intersection of art with history, environmental issues, civil rights, and community activism.

Read our last annual reports:

See our Annual Report FY2016 here.

I believe the community can start to form even more programs like Urbano and over time change the city
of Boston through young artists.
— Urbano Student